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Couples Counseling

Relationships can be difficult, particularly intimate ones.  

All couples have differences and disagreements, but happy couples know how to resolve differences and disagreements while remaining respectful to each other.

Whether you are a premarital couple or a married couple in transition, I want to give you essential tools to create and maintain a satisfying, long-term relationship.  

Couples counseling is a safe place where you can have constructive conversations about difficult topics that you struggle with on your own.  

My role as a couples therapist is to create a comforting environment where you and your partner can talk about what isn't working and what you would like to do better.

To create a relationship that works for you, I will help you to:

  • Identify and express your wants and needs
  • Establish individual and couple goals
  • Understand and respect your personality differences
  • Acknowledge and appreciate the strengths in your relationship
  • Explore factors that lead to relationship longevity
  • Identify and manage areas of stress
  • Strengthen your communication skills
  • Learn to resolve conflicts respectfully
  • Renew the fun aspects of your relationship
  • Learn to empower each other
  • Increase intimacy
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